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There are so many issues in the everyday life in foreign country that you have to confront. We are familiar with the difficulties and problems that an expat can face when living in the Czech Republic.

We have a dynamic and professional staff and we are dedicated to provide you with helpful services that will make your life here easier.


our staff

Ondřej Rejzek
I am the one you contact when you want to enrol on a Czech course. I'll answer all your questions, help you to choose the best offer and tailor the course to your needs. I'll sign you up for the course, help you to find accommodation, organise trips and give any advice you need.
I'm waiting for your application. I'll be happy to reply to your e-mail, answer your phone call or meet you in person.
I have a lot of experience in both “one-to-one” and group teaching on all levels of proficiency. I’ve also had an opportunity to work with people of Czech descent who emigrated and wanted to brush up on their mother tongue.
The longer I work the more enthusiasm I have for teaching which I treat as a real challenge. I always have a lot of interesting ideas, often bring my own materials to class and develope my own lesson plans.

Eva Volejníková
I graduated from the Charles University in teaching Czech, both to native speakers and to foreigners. I have extensive teaching experience, gained at the university and in various organisations.

Teaching Czech to foreigners is more than a job for me - it's my passion. I love meeting people from different cultures and I'm more than happy to teach them my beautiful Czech language.
Anton P. Chekhov once wrote: "Without knowing foreign languages, man feels worse than without a passport".

Milada Poláková
Although I have degrese in romance languages and have had a lot of experience teaching French and Italian, it's teaching Czech as a foreign language that is my 'first love'.

When I told my primary school Czech teacher that I teach the language now, she said 'You can't escape from your destiny'. She must have known years ago... I know how to share my enthusiasm with students who very quickly begin to use the language!
Let’s all enjoy studying! Czech is NOT BORING!

Lešek Lohonka
I am a fully qualified secondary teacher who has been working as a private tutor since 2004. I have experience in teaching Math and Czech & Czech Literature.

I have successfully supported pupils/students currently attending schools of all kinds as well as those for whom I provided a home education up to and including preparation for exam. Thanks to this experience I can easily adapt to the individual needs of my students.

Martina Nováková
Czech language courses for foreigners fulfill my vision of meaningful, creative and diverse work.

I am happy for the opportunity to teach other people something new that helps them to live in Czech Republic and opens the door to the Czech reality. I try to apply an individual approach to students and adjust the pace and content of lessons to their needs.

Václav Svárovský
Your first lesson of Czech is like your first bungee jump. At first you are nervous and don't know if you'll make it. On the one hand you are excited and want to try, but on the other, you are afraid of losing your footing. You are full of doubts.

Fortunately, you are not alone. You have a competent and experienced instructor, and reliable equipment to protect you during your jump. P.S. For me, teaching Czech is like a bungee jump, too. I love the adrenaline and the feeling of achievement when I look at the progress my students make. To make sure you'll feel safe, I graduated in Czech and did post-graduate studies in teaching Czech as a foreign language.

Věra Červeňáková
My degrese is in Czech philology and did post-graduate studies in teaching Czech to foreigners at the Charles University. Teaching foreigners is my passion and it is lots of fun, but also a challenge.

I do my best to meet my students' expectations and I'm also working hard on my professional development as a teacher. I spend my free time travelling - meeting new people, places and cultures fascinates me!

Get to know us - the people who, with their commitment, profesionalism and smile, will help you in your quest to learn Czech.